Oct 4
Washington D.C.
United States
Sebastian Errazuriz
Artist, Designer and Activist
Art outside the Museum

New York based Artist, Designer and Activist Sebastian Errazuriz has received international acclaim for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines. Tackling everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, conceptual sculptures to experimental furniture and product design, his work is always surprising and compelling, inviting the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in front of their own eyes. Sebastian Errazuriz’s work has been included in exhibitions and collections alongside the most celebrated artists, achitects and designers in numerous international exhibitions. The coverage of his creations has been a successive string of viral responses. His collection 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers generated 35 Million hits on google and his Wave Cabinet has over 10 Million online views. Errazuriz has been fea- tured in multiple magazine covers and portrayed in thousands press articles. He has received critical acclaim from The New York Times, The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others. In addition, his work has been featured in mainstream TV on BBC, CNN, ABC, and NY1.
Website: http://www.meetsebastian.com/

Art outside the Museum
Oct 2016