Mar 22
Guadalupe Gómez

Guadalupe Gómez, BA in social communication, is an Argentinean journalist based in Miami. Currently, she is the producer of a social project called "Educating for Peace", which aims to generate awareness about the urgent need to modify the system of traditional education of the western world. She works actively in humanitarian causes, such as, malnutrition (Ambassador of the CONIN model, Cooperator for infant nutrition in Guatemala) and aid to refugees (she is a volunteer to the Cmax Foundation, an organization that provides effective and immediate housing solution to the thousands of refugees in the world). In Argentina, she was part of Grupo América for 12 years (Channel 7, Mendoza and América TV, Bs. As.)where she worked as a TV producer and presenter, in programs of various kinds. He worked in Japan, China, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, where she was in charge of the production of Guatevisión and also served as TV host. Wife and mother of 2 children, Guadalupe combines her professional passions, with her family responsibilities, trying to generate a positive impact and contribute to equal opportunities, freedom and world peace.

Mar 2018