Feb 22
Fernando Senkoe
Urban Artist

Within SENKOE's work there is continuous reference to thediscourse of identity in the context of the use and reinterpretation ofpre-Hispanic aesthetics. His work predominately utilized textile, craft anddiscursive references to the mystical imagery of pre-Columbian cultures mixedwith contemporary references such as graphic design and illustration. Fused into a chimerical Mexican identity, he constructs whatcan be called a “narrative graffiti” that stimulates the imagination of thepasserby with a reverie of animals. His work has been exhibited in Brazil, France, Colombia,Argentina, Dubai, India, Nepal, Canada and Mexico. His career includespresentations in urban art festivals at the national and international level,as well as activities related to the teaching of urban art and fine art. Hestudied pedagogy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and took artworkshops at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City.

Feb 2018