Oct 4
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Esteban Quispe
The Bolivian Wall-e

Esteban Quispe, known as "the genius of Patacamaya" is a Bolivian indigenous, and a young self-taught inventor, who builds robots from electronic waste. Since he won several local student science fairs, he earned a scholarship at the Catholic University of Bolivia to study robotics, where he is enrolled at Mechatronics Engineering program. His robot, the "Bolivian Wall-E" has appeared in international mainstream media, such as CNN and A+J, where a video about him has nearly 20 million views. He was born in the small Andean community of Anchallani, in the province of Loayza 17 years ago, and currently lives in La Paz.
Website: http://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-37980481

The Bolivian Wall-e
Oct 2016