Orlando Malhue

Orlando Malhue is a craftsman from the rural community of Pomaire, located 60 km away from Santiago de Chile. Former president of the community of of craftsmen union, he has been constantly involved in his community’s projects. He has collaborated with many institutions in projects that intend to revitalize the community sustainable craft work and the improvement of productive processes. Among them, his participation in the program CREA: “Diseña para Pomaire” (CREATE: Design for Pomaire), where together with Designer Orlando Gatica, he developed new concepts of utilitarian objects using clay. Since 2012, he has worked with the group Factoría from the School of Engineering at Universidad del Desarrollo in different functional prototypes for the improvement of productive processes. That’s how the interdisciplinary project “Chancho Sensor” was born, together with Factoría and Little Device Lab from the MIT, creating the first sensor network of air pollution in a Latin American rural community. These sensors inside clay pigs allow to gather relevant data for the community to make decisions and self-manage actions that will result in the improvement of the air quality in the community. The symbolism of the use of clay represents the importance of keeping the culture and tradition in symbiosis with real impact technology in the communities.

Dec 2018