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Laboratoria Is Teaching Latin American Women to Code
Laboratoria is way more than a typical coding school
When Mariana founded Laboratoria she decided to look for talent where no one else was looking. Today, Laboratoria identifies young women with high potential, despite their economic limitations, and gives them the opportunity to become awesome developers. The result is life transformation for each of their new coders and a new source of female tech talent from Latin America to the world. In 2016, Mariana was invited to participate in a panel at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit with Mark Zuckerberg and President Barack Obama.
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Topa Receives Investment to Bring Intelligent Transportation to Paraguay
Thanks to its participation in Demand Solutions, Topa signed a technical cooperation agreement with the IDB-MIF to implement intelligent transportation solutions in Asunción and to improve its tools to make city mobility more efficient. Topa offers urban transportation solutions to users, companies and governments. It consists of a web and mobile platform to provide real-time information on mobility, traffic and transportation. Topa’s plan for 2017 includes expanding to Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico.
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